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A dash of good luck

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

A dash of good luck becomes a complete game changer. In the last post (What the luck!?), I covered the mindset of luck contributing to success. This post covers its discovery.

If luck augments success, how can we increase its odds?

Experimentation – Testing more ideas increases the chance one of them will result favorably.

Skill – Knowing your job and industry leads you to recognize luck when it's near and consider grabbing the opportunity.

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

Exploration – Joining new people and groups increases connections and likelihood to meet someone who can help.

Openness – Planning is useful, but your aims may evolve, so look beyond the turbulence to view new possibilities.

Attentiveness – Noticing ways your team, clients, and the market solve tough problems leads to game changers.

Imagination – Envisioning wonderful and horrific scenarios expands perception and may identify breakthrough ideas.

Goodwill – Offering others support and advice forces new awareness as you help solve problems.

Leadership is about taking advantage of every opportunity, even peripheral and unexpected ones.

In cooking, adding a dash of a flavorful spice can upgrade the recipe from good to amazing. In leadership, recognizing and maximizing luck could enrich your success.*

* “Getting a high Return on Luck requires throwing yourself at the luck event with ferocious intensity, disrupting your life, and not letting up.” This article covers maximizing luck.

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