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Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Fiction novels create new worlds where we can explore innovation and ideation without the same limits as the real world.

These worlds convey an amazing story by combining our existing world with outrageous components. By fostering imagination and removing themselves somewhat, the audience can face their hopes and fears more easily.

Effective marketing strategy aspires to introduce customers to your world based on real products and services presented inspirationally. You engage customers by explaining how your offering solves pain points and facilitates growth.

To build a reality-based, inspirational world around your business, you need the following:

Define offering

Explain clearly and simply what your business offers and the resulting value proposition.*

When we see this opening crawl in outer space appear in Star Wars, we immediately know something incredible is happening.

โ€œA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...โ€

Reach target

Start with a tightly defined group on which to focus your resources; test the quality of your offering; slowly scale your reach and develop a good reputation.

Finally, design the audience persona based on customers' needs.**

Stand out

Distinguish your company through a unique tagline, logo, visual, or value propositionโ€”some way to make an impact. Find a way to connect instantly with the market.

In Star Wars, the lightsabers and Darth Vader's helmet are distinctive and iconic.

Emphasize benefits

Understand customersโ€™ needs and stress how your offering will positively impact them.

Most founders are tempted to emphasize their origin story and solutions. Instead, emphasize customers' needs and direction.

Maintain focus

Remember that marketing's role is to orient the rest of the team, clients, and other stakeholders around your brand.

The brand messaging should be simple and clear. The content, logo, and design should be extraordinary and consistent across platforms.

Measure progress

Rely on regular feedback to learn from mistakes and build on success. Ask how customers utilize your products and services and what features or offerings they want to be added.

Start by setting baseline levels and then measure progress to determine what is working and what could be better.

Key Takeaway: Push creative boundaries with stakeholders to engage your brand by living in your world.


* Find the article on Value Proposition here

** Find the article on Audience Personas here

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