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Updated: Dec 2, 2023

A future where everyone can access their own AI assistant for work and personal use is imminent. So, what's next?

Visionary entrepreneurs often address cutting-edge needs before most people even recognize their existence. Many innovative founders are exploring AI applications to enhance creativity, productivity, and efficiency. However, we should think further ahead.

"What will be out needs in an AI-Abled world?"

Introducing new technology has typically solved some problems while unexpectedly creating new ones.

Many people hope AI will prevent and cure diseases, reverse global warming, improve education, and boost workplace efficiency and innovation.

However, we also may face negative impacts. Aside from existential risks*, we could experience unexpected physical and mental complications such as difficulty in forming relationships or a sense of meaninglessness.

Instead of waiting for AI to change the world before addressing these problems, what if we begin to consider impactful opportunities now?

I see three areas poised for an analog revolution - a new set of humanity-driven solutions.

Health and Wellness. While we can extend life expectancy, our bodies are not inherently designed for such longevity.

How can startups foster regular exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep, and other useful wellness strategies?

Numerous apps and platforms already utilize gamification to promote healthy living. Could new platforms leverage psychology, sociology, and pharmacology to boost motivation and stimulate community engagement?

Relationships. We often see family, friends, and couples seemingly together but largely disconnected, engrossed in their phones.

Startups could foster more meaningful interactions. For instance, they could handle event logistics, encouraging more gatherings and allowing attendees to focus on thought-provoking questions to develop relationships.

Alternatively, startups could create quests that require people to collaborate to explore and solve problems without relying on devices to think for them.

Learning. Various tools such as smart boards, Khan Academy videos, and virtual reality immerse us in diverse cultures, periods, and environments.

Today, some educators lead engaging classes exploring nature, creating art, and promoting movement.

How can startups enhance learning to encourage us to exercise different parts of our brain and body?

The rapid evolution brought about by AI is remarkable. But as AI becomes ubiquitous in society, people may be eager to improve in other ways.

Disruptors excel in transforming the world. The question is, how will future entrepreneurs address the complex challenges that AI is bound to bring?


* Existential risks posed by AI range from ethical and privacy issues to the potential for mass enslavement and destruction. While humanity already faces numerous existential threats, it's uncertain whether AI will mitigate or exacerbate these risks. Nevertheless, AI definitely will cause significant changes in the world.

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