• Benjamin

Gift for the Future You

Imagine time travel works and “future you” suddenly appears as yourself one year older.

The visitor exclaims, “Thank you so much for the gift you gave me!!”

And then “future you” leaves and you're left wondering what just happened.

What was the gift? What could you have done with your life now that would make you so thrilled in a year?

We are inundated today with responsibility and commitments and flooded with news and entertainment.

There’s a lot to occupy our minds and we're tempted to not take any time to put our choices and actions in context.

Find a few minutes today to break free. Consider what you can do now that will make you grateful down the road.

For some people, making it through this period of disruption and pain with our lives, work, and friendships intact is huge.

For others, now is the exciting opportunity chance to learn or the scary attempt to travel a new path in life.

Imagine seeing a future version of yourself with total conviction and gratitude for your efforts today.

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