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How to Give Feedback

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

You want people on your team to do better and to adapt quickly, but are hesitant given the stressful times.

You can still give feedback while adjusting for current circumstances.

Note: if someone needs help beyond work, handle that first.

Start with trust – Find the path of success for them and for the business, then continue an open discussion.

Offer training and support if needed and measure progress.

Clear expectations – We all benefit from guardrails and a description of expected behaviors, outputs, and outcomes.

Create meaning – How does someone’s role fit in the big picture? We all want to have meaning in our work.*

While the above should occur whenever giving feedback, the following are calibrated for today.

Focus on the future – In the near term, how will your business thrive and how does this person contribute directly?

Be clear and simple – We are all facing immense distractions now. You are looking to make a small nudge in the right direction (not a steep change).

Assume the recipient is trying their best and approach them with one specific adjustment. If that works, then try the next.

Your business still needs a plan where each person contributes. During these times, calibrate your plan and expectations for success.

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