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Resilience Mindset

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

During this incredibly challenging year, some people are innately resilient, but many of us have to work at it.

This post covers the necessary mindset and the next post later this week will look at actions.

Resilience starts by concentrating on what you control and forgiving any behaviors caused by stress.

Insight - Identify the stressors in both yourself and the world, simply naming them without judgement.

This self-awareness can derive from meditation, reflection, or people who offer perspective.

Adaptability - Identify and be open to change your own ideas and preconceptions. Change can be upsetting.

Distinguish any discomfort based on the idea of change, versus its direct impact, and recognize the pros and cons.

Flexibility - Meet others halfway and expect obstacles to your plans. This mindset makes moving through life easier.

Compassion - Forgive yourself and realize others also are impacted, maybe worse, before reacting to their behavior.

Optimism - Define the meaning and purpose in your life. Write them down to emphasizes their importance.

Be grateful that you have made it through this year and keep learning.

With a resilient mindset, you're ready to move towards your dreams.

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