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Satisfaction Leads to Success

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

At almost every company, employees are the highest cost.

In talking with founders and leaders, however, I sometimes see great interest in developing sales, products, and marketing and less verve in developing people.

Supporting employees will drive productivity!

A team that is well-trained, fully aligned with company goals, and properly motivated is optimal for everyone.

To maximize team satisfaction AND value:

Recruiting – Determine specific criteria before posting, seek diverse experiences, and measure fit objectively.

Onboarding – Set the tone immediately by clearly defining expectations for success and check on progress often.

Performance – Keep measuring outcomes and raising the bar. Ask “What do you need to succeed?” and respond.

Recognition – When someone exceeds expectations, reward them. Note different motivations require different rewards.

Retention – Engaged employees not only help your business but also retention reduces recruiting and training expenses.

You want productive employees to stay, so build a culture with benefits which recognize employee needs.

Think of these efforts both in terms of smiles and as business investments resulting in growth.

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