Vision Without Execution
Is Just Hallucination

Founders face many threats which can boil down to three types of risk.

  • Product/Service risk – Can you truly create an innovative, quality approach to solving problems?

  • Market risk – Can you understand and capture enough market to apply your approach?

  • Execution risk – Can you implement your product or service the right way?

"Vision Without Execution Is Just Hallucination" is a variation on an ancient Japanese proverb that has been applied by many leaders in the US. Those leaders recognize that strong infrastructure is necessary, but not sufficient, for a company to make a huge impact.

Quick Introduction to What We Value

Our founder, Benjamin Friedman, sat down with Celeri Network to discuss our vision, approach, and client engagement. Click HERE for the full interview.

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Our Founder

Benjamin Friedman has over 18 years facilitating scale and growth often leading to exit events. Focused on metrics and results, Benjamin also looks to discover the deeper issues limiting

companies across systems, software, and teams, emphasize learning and constant improvement.


In his last six roles, he contributed to financing, mergers and acquisitions, explosive revenue and employee growth. Benjamin practices a servant-leader philosophy emphasizing outcomes which mutually benefit the company and the employees.

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