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Startups can get so busy solving problems, they lack time to grow.

We help you scale the company so you can focus on the vision.

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Scale: Reach Your Peak


You may have amazing ideas, strategy, and charisma but lack the infrastructure to scale your business efficiently and successfully. Thomas Edison once said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”


Scale: Reach Your Peak is a survival manual for growth founders by converting proven theory into action steps to build and scale your business.


Combining twenty years of experience and research, this 500-page modular handbook covers over 130 independent topics including leadership, sales, marketing, operations, finance, and optimizing teams. In five minutes, learn invaluable insights, best practices, and immediate options.


You see the future so clearly. Let’s get there!

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Founder and President

Benjamin Friedman 

has handled finance and operations for over 20 years, applying lessons from years of bumpy startup rides to share insights and mitigate risks.

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Five successful M&A transactions in just the last ten years. 

He contributed to financing, mergers and acquisitions, explosive revenues, and employee growth in his last six roles. Benjamin practices a servant-leader philosophy emphasizing outcomes mutually benefiting the company, customers, and employees.

Resilience, Mindset, and Communication

On this episode of The Startup Smoothie podcast, host Devon Harris and guest Benjamin Friedman delve into the vital aspects of leadership resilience, growth mindset, and strategic communication. They discuss aligning a founder’s actions with their words, harnessing the power of feedback, and adopting different leadership styles needed as the business grows.

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