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Group Meeting


Building, scaling, and growing a business is daunting, challenging, and lonely. Problems may seem impossible.


You know there are better ways to quickly get things done and to clearly focus on your vision, but not sure how.


We offer a collaborative, educational program designed for entrepreneurs to reach the next level and beyond.


You will learn practical skills on how to accelerate growth and mitigate risks and create an ongoing network.


Is this for you?


We believe that the following traits will optimize your experience and success:

You are a founder for over a year with some traction now

You have a clear business plan and target market

You understand your strengths and weaknesses

You are looking to build an exponentially larger business

You share our values of collaboration, learning, and optimism

Discussion Topics


Surveys were sent to hundreds of founders and investors for feedback.


Topics fall into two categories – developing yourself and growing a business – and will include:

Vision, Values, and Purpose

Options for Growth


Cultivating a Network

Sales Strategy and Approach

Marketing and Branding

Optimizing Teams

Business Operations and Legal


Each meeting is prompted by Founders’ burning issues as we review multiple subjects in each topic.

How it works

  • Each group will be capped at 5 founders

  • The group will meet weekly over a period of 8 weeks

  • Each week’s meeting will have the following:

       1.  A topic that serves as the basis for discussion

       2.  Each founder brings a significant issue now or obstacle to growth

       3.  A discussion on multiple best practices and practical solutions

       4.  An exercise to prepare you for the next meeting

       5.  Resources to further pursue topics on your own


  • Along with meetings, a confidential messaging group will reinforce learning and support

  • We will bring in some experts with the group’s approval

Why should you join?

80% of all startups fail and 2/3 of VC-backed companies stop growing. You may be dealing with unnecessary obstacles so consider joining to increase your chance of success.

Clarity: Your ideas require execution in order to accelerate growth

Expertise: Gain insights from other founders, experts, and various resources

Community: Other founders share your struggles and have found practical ways to advance

Boost: Insights can save you a lot of money, time, and headaches  

Packed: Topics move quickly and later can be explored asynchronously for a deeper understanding


80% of all startups fail and 2/3 of VC-backed companies stop growing. You may be dealing with unnecessary obstacles and easily able to avert setbacks. Join to increase your chance of success.

Group Details

Admission is made on a rolling basis and applications are free. Start the application process by submitting the short form below or contact info(@) with questions.

Thanks for submitting!

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