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Building Homes


Growing startups are so distracted solving problems, they have

no time to successfully scale (and over 80% of all startups fail).

What is your story?

In the acclaimed film "Slumdog Millionaire", the main character progresses through a game show solving questions. His tough upbringing, even passing through an outhouse (in the worst way possible) to survive, earns experience to move forward and win.

Our hard-earned experience allows us to know the thrill and challenges of growing a company quickly with limited resources, customer pressures, team issues, and stakeholder pressure. Our experts have been there before and offer precise guidance.

Should we work together?

Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, leaders, and operators who have started their own companies and worked for founders much of their career. We understand your challenges. If these values and initiatives resonate with you, let's talk:

  • Collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs who offer clear expectations and deliverables

  • Convert challenges into growth by taking an optimistic approach to solving problems

  • Extinguish fires (resolve burning issues) while also installing fireproofing (scale and grow effectively)

  • Learn to prevent and mitigate the unknown risks which threaten to upset all you built

  • Build best practices and processes with experts who respect your vision and culture

To get a better idea of what we have done for clients, check out our Case Studies page

How do you help clients?

We start by understanding your vision, values, constraints, and concerns.


After we define and prioritize your needs, we define the deliverables and timeline to succeed.


We know that what works in one environment does not necessarily work in another. We believe in controlled experimentation to explore new ideas (while mitigating risk) and measure progress in order to learn together how to move forward.

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