What is your story?

In the acclaimed film "Slumdog Millionaire", the main character Jamal Malik progresses through a game show with challenging questions based on his tough upbringing. He faced lots of troubles, even passing through an outhouse (in the worst way possible) to survive, and his experience is rewarded in the end.

Our hard-won experience may not be the same as the movie character, but as entrepreneurs and small business experts, we know the thrill and the challenges of growing a company quickly with limited resources, market pressures, client and team issues, and stakeholder pressure. Our experts have been there before and offer precise guidance.

What do you help clients with?

Our clients are looking to get help with:

  • Ensuring your time is focused on business expansion and reaching the right markets

  • Preventing execution risk by providing insights and solutions while avoiding problems

  • Addressing growth issues such as team collaboration, process creation, and capturing metrics

  • Establishing the necessary infrastructure to no longer need our services in some cases

To get a better idea of what we have done for clients, check out our Case Studies page

Why should we work together?

Startups require a vision, energy, and teamwork. Solving problems together, we may have different opinions but need to share the vision, energy, and values with you. Our values are: Collaboration, Optimism, Growth and Learning, Respect, and Candor. If those line up, then let’s grow together.


Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, leaders, and operators who have started their own companies and worked for founders much of their career. We understand your challenges.

How do you help clients?

We start by understanding your vision, constraints, and concerns. After we define and prioritize your needs, we define the deliverables and timeline to succeed.


We know that what works in one environment does not necessarily work in another. We believe in controlled experimentation to explore new ideas (while mitigating risk). We measure and discuss progress in order to learn together how to move forward.

Who should I refer to you?

First, let's recognize that referrals are our lifeblood and greatly appreciated, so thanks!
Our ideal clients include leaders expecting new funding, experiencing rapid growth, or feeling stuck in their current structure or revenues.

Our best team members and partners share our values and have experience growing, leading, and supporting startups.

If you have a referral or suggestion, please Contact Us and let's discuss your idea and how to recognize your effort to help us grow.