In consideration for these times, we want to describe two 

scenarios where we have been helping clients adapt.

A privately held company with global customers and international workforce needs to strengthen its position and explore new opportunities. Our focus has been the following:

Operations - Reinforcing client relationships to ensure they continue to receive high quality services while working remotely. Exploring options for free or low-cost services for clients to provide results immediately and to explore future projects collaboratively.


Finance – Holding planned costs and new initiatives unless supporting existing or high-potential new work. Assisting with applying for government support. Evaluating market conditions for improved access to resources.


Sales and Marketing – Recognizing the new landscape by offering clear, imminent value and targeting sectors expected to grow in the future. Adapting messaging while quickly measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

An investment-backed company centered on the US offers services which will not be in demand temporarily looks to extend its runway urgently. Our focus has been the following:


Operations – Exploring ways to build relationships with targeted sectors. Offering free tools and services to build goodwill and test delivery, functionality, and scale.


Finance – Reviewing and holding costs to extend runway. Connecting remaining expenses clearly to how we generate opportunities in the near future.


Sales and Marketing – Updating content to communicate with clients in the current and returning economy. Sharing expertise in a clear, helpful manner to establish credibility.  


An international language translation service approached us for help with infrastructure challenges arising from expanded lines of business, a growing customer base, and a desire to diversify revenues.


BUILD SCALE GROW enabled them to grasp their specific needs, prioritize them collaboratively, and increase collaboration and measurement with teams to also plan for further expansion and new opportunities.


A US-based risk assessment and security company just landed their first seed investment and needed to install operations and financial systems.


BUILD SCALE GROW helped the team build financial infrastructure that provides transparency for the partners and the board. Now the founders can focus on landing Enterprise clients knowing the company can easily handle the growth.


A nationally distributed EdTech company needed help with fundraising, presentation, and financial modeling.


BUILD SCALE GROW worked with the founders to identify the right FP&A resource and distill the talking points most relevant to potential investors. The founders gained a coherent financial model, stronger business plan, and clearer expansion plan for pitch meetings.


A law firm serving DC and NY for 15 years wanted to scale their practice through business development and marketing and without sacrificing values such as quality service to clients.


BUILD SCALE GROW provided recommended resources (software, vendors, and processes) and direct coaching to prioritize tasks, expand capacity, and increase revenues last year.


For over 20 years, a company focused on recruiting for physicians and health care providers plateaued in their revenues over the last few years and desired to grow further.


BUILD SCALE GROW built strong practices around sales, recruiting, and performance management in order to focus outcomes on increased business development and to then optimize results allowing the executives to focus on growth.


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