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Updated: Jun 18, 2022

As a performer, juggling is impressive.

As a founder,

it's essential.

To scale successfully, you need to competently prioritize and balance various functions. Here are some tips to juggle more effectively:

Determine Success

There are many ways to be the best โ€“ it can be juggling more objects, a really long performance, or a unique act adding humor, lights, or music.

Some founders pursue a dream with little understanding what they really want. For you, success may be to solve a problem, IPO, or lifestyle.

To increase the chance of triumph, start with the end in mind. Know what you want from the journey, both process and destination.

Choose Objects

Every juggler has their limit. You want to manage the most items possible without dropping any. (BTW, most people can quickly learn to juggle three objects* but any more gets really challenging.)

As a founder, narrow your attention to 5 core areas. You can try to handle more, but with exponentially diminishing returns as balls drop.

"Less is more." โ€“ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

To be clear, itโ€™s fine if you have hundreds of ideas, but concentrate now on the few which will be most impactful.

Examine Each

A juggler checks each object for readiness (especially if handling knives).

As a founder, you are balancing various priorities across functional areas. Make sure each one is living up to expectations.

For functions you know, compare projections to actuals and double-down on winners and scrutinize losers.

For areas outside your skill set, rely on advisors, vendors, or fractional execs to review your objectives and progress.

Be Present

When juggling, you cannot be distracted by some noise in the audience.

To build your business, be in the moment, versus worried about some past mistake or future risk (both are beyond your control).

There are times for strategic planning, but mostly you need to drive flawless execution. Assess production and adjust as needed.

Evaluate Progress

As a performer, you gauge how the performance went e.g. ticket sales and audience feedback.

As a founder, you want financial and business feedback. Seek clear accounting and encourage investors and advisors to be blunt and clear.

Your goal is keep developing. Occasionally, you'll drop a ball and feedback can feel painful, however those insights will help you develop.

Juggling everything requires focus, leading in the moment, measuring progress, and embracing feedback for the best performance possible.


* When learning how to juggle, start with three handkerchiefs and toss each one up and over to the other side. With practice, you can juggle three soft balls within a couple hours.

Photo by Cristian Rojas who can be found here:

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