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5 Investments to Grow

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

With early stage startups, it’s tough to measure the impact of the right process, system, software or team.

The right investments can spare you hundreds of dollars, hours, headaches as well as open new markets sooner.

Here are 5 investments you can make today:

Sales – Communicate clearly to help prospects understand your value, then move through defined stages efficiently.

Marketing – Determine your target audience and best ways to reach them. Optimize your budget to scale exponentially.

Accounting – Install the right solution for better decisions (e.g. realizing all costs, you may find deals losing money).

The right accounting also makes discussions with investors around projections and planning much more productive.

Technology – Drive technology to make your work more efficient. Ask others for their experience on scaling.

Be sure to first carefully define business problem or opportunity, not adopt a new technology because it's shiny.

Yourself – Balance your immediate and long-term needs. Resilience requires self-awareness and self-care.

Locate people to support you and others to challenge you. Both share a goal (your growth) but vary approach.

These investments cost time and money, but reap multiples in the future.

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