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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

In revolutions, non-violent protest is 50% likely to evoke change, whereas violent protest is 25% likely to cause change.* Before hearing that statistic, I had assumed that violent protest is much more likely to overturn corrupt governments.

Nonviolent protest is more effective but less stirring. While the goals are ambitious, the means seem almost boring. I started thinking about other instances where the approach to winning may appear less exciting:

  • To become wealthy, it's not winning the lottery but consistently saving your money

  • To become strong requires countless hours of workouts

  • To master the arts, sports, and any other pursuit means rigorous, repetitive training

In all these example, the results are breathtaking, but the process seems boring.

The Path to Winning

In business, long-term success relies on planning and measurement. The moments of recognition follow months and years of grinding.

Legendary football coach Paul โ€œBearโ€ Bryant noted:

"Offense sells tickets.

Defense wins championships."

Blocking and tackling are the fundamentals to winning. You need a strategy and offense too, but those are meaningless without the basics.

For startups, maybe the parallel quote for success is:

"Vision causes people to invest.

Execution generates revenues."

If you want amazing growth, you need to nail the business fundamentals through each phase of scaling the company.

Founders may dream of changing the world, a lucrative exit, and media fame, but those are ethereal without someone engaging the team, establishing systems, and measuring progress.

The dreams of billion dollar exits are realized by moving projects forward, retaining key talent, and driving performance. If this is not in your nature, then find a partner, fractional leader, or employee to carry the mantle.

Notable Exceptions

While boringness can be effective in many ways, there are times when itโ€™s detrimental.

  • Your vision should be ambitious. Big, audacious goals cannot be boring.

  • Your brand must be distinctive, and that usually does not include dull.

  • You want designers, developers, and salespeople who are creative and noticeable. Disruption will not thrive on tedium.

Boringness is not attractive, but it leads to desirable success. Growth relies on dull fundamentals. For every amazing vision and cutting-edge idea, you also need persistence to convert passion to progress.

A strong vision, recognizable brand, and successful business all rely on blocking and tackling to bring ideas to fruition. To win the game and reach your goals depends on the ruthlessness of boring.


* The Hidden Brain podcast, โ€œHow to Change the Worldโ€ can be found here:

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