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How to be a “Wartime CEO”

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In many regards, we're in a war. A microscopic enemy threatens our lives and economy.

Many startups have responded by relying on Wartime CEOs*

Wartime CEOs operate as obsessive, perfectionistic, calculating, and incredibly focused in times of attack.

These traits are needed for survival – but not unreservedly - as Wartime CEOs face many considerations.

Intelligence – Engage proactively with other leaders and experts to know how the outlook is evolving.

With clients and employees, talk openly to build strong relationships and seek new ideas, vital for adapting.

Supply Chain – Work with vendors to ensure long-term viability. Fighting constantly removes long-term options, so negotiate terms which recognize their prospects too.

Weapons – Discover new approaches (including software, systems, and consultants) to bolster operations.

Battlefield – Fighting on too many fronts results in disaster. Focus carefully on limited opportunities and projects.**

Motivation – Confront fear through purpose. Communicate clearly your plan and new vision.

This is war, but a nuanced war. It's tempting yet ineffective to shoot everywhere or to simply hunker down.

Understand changes in the landscape (and within you) then be open to options.

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