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Awareness - A Reminder

I recently had the pleasure to revisit the Mountain States. At the Grand Canyon, I decided to hike down the North Rim.

The planned hike was around 16 miles. Midway through, however, I decided to head for the Colorado river.

It resulted in a 28-mile hike ranging from 56 to 110 degrees, descending over a mile in elevation, and ending in a 5-mile stretch back up to the rim.

(This post definitely could be about foolishness, but it's not.)

During the ascent, I was tired and sore. To keep moving, I focused on small landmarks 40-50 feet ahead, celebrating each landmark with a little rest and water.

This trick of picking quick markers worked to get me out of the canyon and contributed to an unforgettable experience.

By focusing on only the immediate markers, however, I became unable to see the big picture.

I missed the vast beauty surrounding me, and also ignored potential threats (GC has occasional storms and rattlesnakes).

We can accomplish a lot buried in a checklist of short-sighted tasks, but that success is also limiting.

There is an impressive and formidable world beyond the day-to-day worth understanding and engaging. Plan and push yourself, then take some time to embrace life too.

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