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Considerations for Founders

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

With the world changing rapidly, founders may need to reconsider even their most recent plans.

These are some areas to consider.

Opportunities – Consider strategic hires, M&A, new business models, and inexpensive resources as potential investments.

Flexibility – Assess the landscape constantly. Stay faithful to vision and values, not calendars and schedules.

Strategy – Plan for a wide range of scenarios. Examine worst and best cases then prepare for everything in that span.

Knowledge – Collect information quickly for active decisions. Seek regular financial reports and candid team conversations.

Resilience – Realize your world may proceed sluggishly and painstakingly. Know you will struggle at times. Understand, forgive, and regulate your emotions.

Optimism – Remember many successful companies launched and grew in a downtown. Prepare for growth constantly.

Experimentation – Test new ideas by applying minimal effort and resources. Move forward on positive results.

Community – Find supportive family and friends. Invest in your team, peers, and clients. We all need connection.

If you are lacking a useful professional community, let me know. Anything else I should add, tell me in the comments.

Let’s keep growing together.

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