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Dealing with Fear as a Leader

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Entrepreneurism is always filled with uncertainty, especially now. Uncertainty fosters fear.

We’re born considering fear as something to avoid. That instinct often serves us well.

However, when that fear emanates from uncertainty (or our own demons), what happens if we head towards the fear? *

Fear of the unknown can produce an unexpected opportunity.

Consider moving towards that fear. That’s often the only way to grow your business and yourself.

To move towards our fear, first understand what's scaring us.

Be specific and objective (not what you feel, but concretely what could realistically happen).

What’s the worst that can happen? Break it down by asking "How" "Why" and "What's next" questions.

Sometimes, just by writing that down, it already seems much less daunting.

Talk with trusted and candid family, friends, mentors, and peers to gain perspective and support.

Review your concerns. If they're justified, then plan how to mitigate them.

Focus on what success you could gain by getting past your fear and use that as motivation.

Amazing leaders went through many versions of mistakes before discovering what works for them.

They lead right into their fears and then learned from their experiences. Maybe now it’s your turn.

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