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Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Sales may be viewed as the pursuit of the ask.

What if you give first?

Imagine meeting a new prospect for the first time and walking to the (virtual) door with a present in hand. If the gift has value, itโ€™s likely the recipient will be open to what you have to say, right? Letโ€™s unwrap this.

Start Easier

Recognize that youโ€™re ultimately asking others to part with their time and energy. Their reputation and comfort are also at risk in working with you, even if your product or service eventually will improve their business. If you offer something first, it shows that you are also investing in the working relationship.

Encourage Empathy

Most of us are consumed by the worldโ€™s pressure and racing to solve problems. Some gifts are easy (see some examples below), but more complex ones enable us to understand the other person and to connect their needs with what we can offer. Discerning the best gift will help later in understanding their needs and subsequently articulating value.

Build Perspective

If sales and leadership (and life) are about learning, watching how that person receives the gift may be insightful. For example, if you offer content that seems relevant to their business, do they come back and comment on the piece? If so, you know it resonates. If no one ever does, youโ€™ve just found another piece of the puzzle which is equally valuable.

Show Competence

Anyone who has sought the perfect present for an important occasion realizes that finding it can be a struggle. The more you want to show that you care, the more pressure you put on yourself to find something special. Whether offering an item or an insight, choosing the right gift takes skill. Most people will notice and appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Reveal Yourself

The best gifts reflect not only the receiver, but also include a piece of the giver. Whether a working collaboration or personal love or friendship, connectedness between people is both intangible and critical.

โ€œEstablishing trust is better than any sales technique.โ€

โ€“ Mike Puglia

Giving something can bridge the gap between demonstrating your understanding of the client and your desire to help.

Sample Gifts

Gifts can include the following (in rough order of value to the recipient):

๐ŸŽ Jokes or Cartoons

๐ŸŽ€ Articles, Videos, or Podcasts relevant to their work or life

๐ŸŽ Recognition or feedback on their work

๐ŸŽ€ Industry news and insights

๐ŸŽ Examples of experiences and successes from similar companies

๐ŸŽ€ Suggested ideas to improve their business (through experience, reading, research)

๐ŸŽ Professional networking referrals (e.g. groups based on industry or role)

๐ŸŽ€ Actual work product (e.g. design a new landing page for them)

๐ŸŽ Business deal referrals

Key Takeaway: Start a new relationship by giving something to customers and by establishing a mutual benefit. In your first interaction, deliver something meaningful.


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