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Facing Fear Leads to Growth

The pandemic caused many drastically cut projects and costs. These changes were necessary, but reactive.

Now may be the time to consider if your business plan still makes sense.

To fully realize your ideal future, you may need to face your worst fear – Visualize your business totally failing.

Everything is gone, including the assumptions and legacy restraining your goals.

Now, imagine you have unlimited resources to rebuild.

Describe this redesigned company. What would you value? Who would you bring to help?

Take notes freely and quickly.

🛑 Keep reading only after you finished that part.

Your notes form the raw materials in an ideal world.

If you’re already near that world, great. (e.g. I happily engage leaders who also value collaboration, optimism, and candor).

If that world is far away, and if you want to get there, start by listing all the steps between now and the future.

Keep slicing those steps into smaller, clearly defined pieces.

Ask others (your team, advisors, friends) how to accomplish any piece that is not clear.

Finally, identify a few steps to begin, track your progress, and be sure to recognize accomplishments.

Facing your worst fears focuses your energy on what truly matters.

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