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Growth Involves Gains and Losses

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Growing a business involves gains and losses. In some cases, they are antecedent, where something gained simultaneously brings something lost.

For instance, adulthood experience may bring wisdom yet also may replace the magical joy of naivety.

Growth requires change. People often struggle with change, even when its desired. Companies advance the same way.

As early stage startups mature, some employees mourn the loss of frivolity as the specter of structure looms menacingly.

To move forward, first clearly state the reasons for change. Dig into "Why?" and satisfy our hunger for meaningfulness.

Next, you want to recognize and communicate the positive gains from the impending change:

* Managing exciting new projects and growing teams

* Learning cutting edge software and processes

* Acquiring deeper responsibilities and skills

* Exploring new services and business opportunities

* Deepening working relationships and building new ones

* Making a sizable impact

Finally, realize change does not have to be the end of fun. Encourage new ways to socialize, groups around interests, and/or volunteerism to offer new ways for fun and bonding.

People hesitate to embrace change. Articulate the purpose and the benefits of change to facilitate growth.


This post is inspired by Tomo Lazovich whose article goes in a different direction yet is worth reading.

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