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Operations Drive Success

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

After a game, fans rarely discuss team unity and accuracy. War tales don’t wistfully portray perfect supply chains. Unicorns aren't revered for solid infrastructure.

Business Operations may seem boring.

However, the need for efficient operations has become even more apparent. How do we optimize now?

Resilience – Implement systems to be modular and redundant to maximize cost, speed, and adaptability.

Challenge every assumption. Your enduring position on “build or buy” may shift based on risk and opportunity.

Acceleration – Reach the market quickly for immediate revenues and to discover needs as you deliver to customers.

Crave input internally (workflow and performance) and externally (sentiment and strategy) to learn and adapt.

Workforce – Clarify expectations and define success frequently to maximize engagement.

Be open to ideas from the team and outside experts to solve problems and encourage ingenuity.

>> Vision without execution is just hallucination. <<

In this period, balance persistence with flexibility and focus on long-term solutions with short-term feedback loops.

Business operations may seem boring, but it's essential to your success.

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