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How to Develop Business

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

While there's been a lot of discussion on cutting costs, I’ve seen very little on how to move forward in these times.

Sales may consist of effectively engaging prospects and clients. You may also be able to position for the near future.

Be sensitive – Be understanding, honest, and open. You cannot change their circumstances, only bring your best self.

Add clear value – Bringing a specific idea is valuable. Explain how to quickly reduce costs or increase revenue.

If that's not possible, consider offering a service now for free that demonstrates your quality and builds relationships.

Be assuring - Provide a level of confidence and certainty.

Communicate proactively based on expected concerns. Address the elephant in the room so you can move forward.

Also, talk clearly and simply. Assume we are all distracted now, how can you make it easier?

Be ready – Especially for startups, speed is your asset. Move fast and try new things without a huge investment.

Invest – Market conditions may offer unexpected opportunities (e.g. software or marketing) with minimal risk.

You can discuss potential investments with your audience as a great way to collaborate and to align with their needs.

What else can build on these ideas?

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