• Benjamin

How to Filter the Best Advice

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Constructive advice is critical to founder growth.

While we’re flooded with input and news, we need to optimize and internalize feedback. Here's how.

Investors – Frame their input as collaboration, not as fixing a problem.

Bring specific questions (with metrics, if possible) to focus the discussion and value their time.

Peers – Resist the temptation to ask only tactical questions or to hear their stories.

Gravitate to people who push to discover the deeper cause and your role in issues.

Team – Get candid feedback by asking open questions (e.g. “How could I do this better?”). Avoid opposing the responses.

This process may be tough, so remember that addressing issues now helps prevent insurmountable problems later.

Knowledge – Contact experts from different industries for diverse ideas and new perspective.

Share what you learn to reinforce the lessons.

Self – Know that all leaders fail repeatedly (we rarely discuss, though, especially on LinkedIn).

Seek improvement, not perfection.

Create a feedback loop by tracking your challenges and subsequent advice. Revisit people who made an impact.

Asking openly for advice makes us feel vulnerable. Recognize that feeling and the immense value to your leadership and business from insight.

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