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How to juggle as a founder

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Juggling is impressive. As a founder, it's necessary.

You may be trying to handle countless projects. Or, you may spend 80% of your time on only one project.

Neither approach allows your business to scale successfully. Learn to competently prioritize and juggle various functions.

First, narrow your focus to 5 core areas.

Define the ways you need to grow right now.

To avoid bias, seek diverse opinions on reaching your vision. Openly ask your advisers, team, clients, and even detractors.

Second, determine what is success.

Define the industry standards as they apply to your business.

For instance, accounting should close the books AND help explain sales trends.

Third, evaluate each area.

Define the expected objectives and deliverables. With expectations, you don’t have to directly manage everything.

Strong managers and fractional leaders allow you to dig into strategy and develop business.

Fourth, constantly evaluate progress.

Define the core areas not progressing fast enough. Slowness in one place may hinder overall progress.

Identify if areas are in control and when to add new ones. You often need to switch focus.

An awesome juggler* relies on a limited number of reliable props to perform best. A great leader is the same.

* When learning to juggle, start with three handkerchiefs. With practice, focus, and perhaps a good coach, you can juggle three soft balls within a couple hours. Moving to more items takes exponential effort, however.

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