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Move Forward as a Leader

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Founders have a lot on their minds in these uncertain times.

Here are some thoughts on how to move forward as a leader.

Vision and Values - These are foundational and stay constant no matter the times.

If necessary, nail them down now. Visit them regularly to frame your decisions. Mine are in the first comment.

Present and Future – In times of uncertainty, you need to diligently watch for new trends and upcoming opportunities.

For today, hard decisions only get tougher if you wait so get advice but move swiftly.

Also, add value for your clients through delivery, communication, or extra advice.

For tomorrow, invest in efficiency. Resources you need (software and inventory) may be much more attainable.

Communication – Great leaders constantly and clearly let people know where they stand and their plans.

The best communication is interactive, so engage your team, investors, clients, and community. Help as much as possible.

Experimentation – Adapt and add value by taking small steps to solve new problems. If one is brilliant, pursue with passion.

These times are fraught with uncertainty. Focus on what you control and gradually, constantly move forward. Good luck!

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