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Living With Negativity Bias

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Negativity bias is pounding you.

When measuring two pieces of equal information, the negative one far outweighs the positive one. For instance, we linger on one bad comment in an otherwise fantastic review.

How do we respond to this hidden and misleading pressure?

Business growth – Negativity bias can make us risk adverse, slow to act, and dwell uselessly on potential weaknesses.

You should realize these influences. Unless now is the time to be completely risk adverse, continue to adapt and advance.

Seek diverse input from the team, clients, and experts and ask how (not if) to move forward.

Team growth – Researches found that it takes five positive encounters to offset a single bad one.*

We all make mistakes, sometimes around others. If that happens, you'll need at least five productive interactions before things are fine.

Personal growth – Negativity bias adds to our natural fear of criticism and further tempts from valuable feedback.

Keep pushing.

Record all your accomplishments knowing it will take five positive events to offset one negative event.

And take care of yourself. Between the long hours, constant challenges, and stressed-out peers, you’re getting hit hard.

Awareness and mindful activity contains negativity bias.

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