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Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Branding and marketing require much thought and resources, but the results only matter if people remember your efforts.

One memorable scene in the film Jurassic Park is when the scientists first encounter the gigantic Apatosaurus dinosaurs roaming the island.

What factors go into powerful and effective marketing?

Be Simple: We know itโ€™s harder to write a clear and concise essay than a less-structured, more verbose one, and people are more likely to read the former than the latter.

Brief and profound is meaningful and memorable, especially with todayโ€™s fast-moving content and information consumption. A proverb or expression is ideal.

โ€œLess is more.โ€

โ€“ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Be Concrete: We may understand theoretical ideas, but most people relate to concrete ones. Jurassic Park has dinosaurs to show fear and arrogance.

Life is abstract, but your audience will remember the image of getting hit by a ton of bricks better than being overwhelmed with choices.

Be Unexpected: Memorable campaigns contain pertinent visuals and content supporting your brand and improving customers' lives.

Build interest and curiosity by tapping into the power of . . . what is that noise . . . AHHHHH! The ground is shaking . . .

Be Credible: We want products and services to truly help us. Ideally, customers can test them before buying them.

Give a temporary subscription, test drive, and/or access to references to bolster your case. Details also lend credibility and vastly improve a story, too.

Be Emotional: We feel things for people, not for abstractions. Define the hopes and fears of your target population to support their interests.

This principle also reminds us to focus on the benefit to the customersโ€”not just the result but the impact on their lives.

Be Engaging: Many people live vicariously through a compelling story.

Stories are like flight simulators: they evoke fear and joy. Utilize them to convey the problem and solution through knowledge and inspiration.

Be Experimental: Explore numerous ways to reach customers and measure results. As markets and customers evolve, so must your ideas.

Once you find an approach that works, quickly double down your resources while continuing to run new experiments.

Key Takeaway: To reach potential customers, give concise facts, offer emotional narratives, and surprise them fantastically to grow your business successfully.


Photo by Michael Watts, who can be found here

This article draws on the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

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