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Past Perfection to Success

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

It’s tempting to sort out every detail before actually acting. However, startups must be adaptable and nimble.

Here are some thoughts on moving forward without being overly risky.

Focus on the future.

First, describe how you can make others’ lives better.

As you get questions and feedback, evolve the plan.

Then work backwards to the steps necessary to activate your plans getting more detailed in each pass.

Focus on a handful of projects.

Since only a few activities will largely determine your success, estimate which ones really matter.

Use a scientific method to run trials and measure results.

Add resources to high impact outcomes and quickly replace low impact activities with new experiments.

Focus on strengths.

Across the company, determine roles and responsibilities. Prioritize them and decide where to maximize your energy.

Then engage employees, consultants, and vendors to handle the other roles.

Set clear expectations, regularly measure performance and progress, and evaluate outcomes not behaviors.

Give clear and candid feedback to help others grow and to allow you to optimize results.

Perfection is enticing for many reasons, but it may actually hinder success. These steps encourage action.

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