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The Next Phase of Leadership

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

When the crisis started with a barrage of horrible news, many of us created a "War Room" to quickly handle important decisions on activities, budgets, and objectives.

Now it's time to leave the War Room.

Even as we transition to the next phase, we still should continue some behaviors:

Communication – Keep informing your stakeholders constantly and clearly on your status and next steps.

Support – Keep helping people as needed.

Acknowledgement – Keep recognizing and praising positive behaviors.

As we transition, consider some ways to move forward:

Collaboration – You had to lead authoritatively when the crisis started.

Now, discuss ideas openly (again) for best serving your team and clients. Share responsibility for success.

Structure – You had to be highly adaptive as information appeared constantly.

Now, establish some structure and rhythm. Most people thrive with some guardrails.

Planning – You had to face constant change and put many proposals on hold.

Now, plan the next few months and (if possible) the next couple years. Consider a model with many scenarios.

Then inform your team how to best contribute towards success. Like before, measure progress and adjust as needed.

It's time to move forward slowly but steadily.

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