• Benjamin

Building Resilience

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

In the last post, I discussed a resilient mindset. Now I suggest actions to strengthen resiliency.

Positive Self-Talk – Face stress with the confidence that while you may not control your circumstances, you can find ways to take control of your life and your response.

Treat yourself the same as you would a friend. What advice would you give to someone you love? That's you.

Connect with Positive People – Review your current relationships and contact those people who support you.

Also, distance anyone who does not support you.

Help People – Find a way to help others. This will reinforce your value and allow you to learn.

You must be willing to ask for help too whether specific advice or general props.

Nourish Yourself – Add times to take care into your current schedule (e.g. exercise, healthy eating, connecting with others and at least one fun activity weekly).

Persistence - Keep practicing the resilience mindset and actions with intention.

If you are not seeing desired results in any area, make changes or seek professional advice.

Success is a long game. It's worthless if you are scared and dejected. Build the best you through resilience.

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