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Resiliency as a Leader

Today, almost everyone has grief. The health or loss of someone close, lost work, or the abandonment of normalcy.

One way to deal with grief is to do something positive.

I've seen advice to make bold changes, like learn a new skill or start a new hobby. But change can start very small.

Choose one today:

Reach out to someone - Call someone who lifts you up, or contact a former mentor, teacher, or figure you admire.

Say thanks - people are helping us out constantly, so identify one person or group and show your gratitude.

Cleanse - Whether a physical room or your digital files, the immediate effect is rewarding.

Record an accomplishment - Write down one thing you completed and soon you'll have a sizable list to review.

One push-up - Doing a whole new routine may feel intimidating, but 1 is manageable and you can add 1 daily.

Eat healthy - Cooking for an hour may seem daunting, so find one way to level-up your diet.

Help someone - you can be valuable to them and it gives you another focus.

Pick a token - find an object today representing your dream and place it prominently knowing that day will come.

These are hard times. Apply the easiest item to escape the drudgery and stress, so you're ready for tomorrow.

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