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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Climbing a mountain requires careful skill, motivation, and preparation, as well as a bit of luck with the weather, clear routes, and partners with the right mindset.

Many founders firmly believe that innovation, passion, and persistence are the keys to success. However, luck often plays a role in determining our fate.

Acknowledging the potential impact of luck on success means admitting that you donโ€™t fully control your outcome.

But even without full control, you can increase the likelihood of finding and fostering good fortune. Let's grow!

Discover Luck

Increase your chance the following ways:

Mindset. Iโ€™m not encouraging anyone to be naรฏve, but as a consummate optimist, I encourage a positive attitude.

If you mitigate the risks, you reduce any downside while the upside is huge.

Listen to Hunches. Trust your intuition, particularly in areas where you have experience.

Intuition may result from making connections unconsciously based on your past experiences and knowledge.

Explore. By finding new ideas and perspectives, you may see opportunities.

Push yourself to engage in current content, talk with diverse experts, join disparate groups, and visit unfamiliar places.

Take Advantage

Prepare to embrace change:

Skills. Know your industry and its history to help recognize when luck is near.

Think of innovative ways to evolve the industry: process efficiency, quality improvement, and radical change.

โ€œLuck is a matter of preparation

meeting opportunity."

-- Oprah Winfrey

Focus on Needs. Constantly ask customers about their problems and desires.

Then talk with various people about how to solve these needs. Seek opinions across your team and outside your industry.

Experiment. Testing ideas minimizes costs and risks while learning.

For instance, offer a new feature or service for free to select customers in exchange for feedback and testimonials.

Plan Scenarios. With contingencies, you can expand quickly if desired.

Itโ€™s always helpful to think about scenarios for what is expected, better, and worse situations.

Persevere in Bad Times

If bad luck hits, take these steps to recalibrate your position:

Support. Keep friendships where you feel encouraged. Similarly, distance yourself from any detractors in your life.

Resilience. Embrace exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and other ways to minimize your stress.

Guidance. Find advisors who objectively show the best path forward.

Communication. If something bad happens, identify the issue and its impact, apologize if necessary, discuss the remedy and how prevent its recurrence.

Unpredictable and outside our control, itโ€™s tough to acknowledge the presence of luck. However, if we embrace serendipity while continuing to persevere and push forward, we can reach the peak.


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