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What the luck!?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Often success requires some good fortune along the way. Yet itโ€™s definitely hard to talk about luck*.

First, it's a bit of a mystery, especially when compared to data-driven analysis and tangible results. Second, attributing success even partially to luck concedes that we do not have full control. Most leaders crave control.

It cannot be concocted in a lab, nor is luck passive, since just sitting idle hoping for success is futile. Admittedly, some people have fortunate backgrounds and thatโ€™s one form of luck called privilege.

But Iโ€™m talking about your future prosperity. Interested?

Luck often coincides with deep mastery and long persistence.

As you generate meetings constantly and promote your ideas relentlessly, then unexpected opportunities will arise.

Finally, you must be open to fortune when it does appear.

It's rarely obvious, as luck simultaneously brings incredible risk AND amazing opportunity. So you question yourself.

Are you facing good or bad luck now? No one knows. Only one thing is clear - you should actively decide, since ignoring an opportunity is itself a choice.

Your ultimate success may require luck. The next post (later this week) talks about increasing your odds for good fortune.

* This was a really hard post to write in having to face the false belief that luck is the opposite of hard work and skill. Admitting the importance of luck initially felt like it undermined all my hard work, until I understood the frequent correlation.

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