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When Evolution = Business

Business needs to evolve in order to grow.

Recognizing both nature and nurture, you can control some aspects of your evolution. Some considerations:

Adaptability – Markets change over time and business must adapt, yet change can be disruptive.

Create a consistent framework for evaluating new ideas (e.g. feedback loops) to mitigate disruption.

Pressure – Studies show that some pressure causes us to perform better but too much is debilitating.

Assuage pressure by emphasizing both performance outcomes and career development for success.

Diversity – Genetics values diversity. Business requires new ideas to create viable solutions.

Seek new sources for hiring and facilitate open discussions to generate more and stronger ideas.

Bias to action – When there is danger, animals fight or flee. A struggling business must respond swiftly and decisively.

Determine and share your values early will help later facing tough decisions.

Communication – Mating calls are critical to species. Sharing ideas effectively at work leads to the best solutions.

Encourage candid, solutions-focused feedback so teams and projects succeed.

Evolution is a framework for growth with variation. Leaders should build structure to scale and optimize outcomes.

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