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Fight, Recuperate, and Renew

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

If we view the last few months in phases, an analogy is fight, recuperation, and resurgence.

COVID-19 brought great danger and leaders had to fight for survival.

Tough decisions over lives and livelihoods meant vigor, prioritization, and clarity.

While the battle against COVID-19 is certainly not over, our initial reactions and preparations are done.

After a fight (physical or mental), we are exhausted that causes a loss in focus, delay in making decisions, and/or less patience and support from the team.

If this sounds familiar (at work or at home), it's time to plan your resurgence.

Reset - You may be working from last year's plans and temporary initiatives. Start over and revise your goals.

Planning for the new world will have you living it.

Reorder – A shift in roles and responsibilities can help to shake up the team in a positive, proactive way.

Ideas designed to improve the lives of employees over the last few months can evolve into permanent activities.

Re-imagine – With your business intact, expand your view and find ways to engage a larger community.

A broader purpose brings meaning and enhances our work (e.g. learning new skills).

Feeling fatigue and uselessness is normal right now. How you respond defines the future.

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