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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Planting responsibility is crucial for growing a thriving business.

By promoting ownership among others, you can have a major, positive influence on productivity, performance, and creativity.

Nurturing a sense of responsibility in others may involve stepping out of your comfort zone and adopting new approaches. However, acknowledge and embrace the long-term advantages, such as enhanced productivity, heightened engagement, improved decision-making, and greater collaboration and teamwork as individuals strive for optimal solutions.

Responsibility Falls on You

Here are some tips to help you inspire responsibility:

Role Model: As a founder, stakeholders look to see how you behave.

When something goes wrong, accept accountability, and then explain how you will solve the problem and avoid it from happening again.

โ€œLeadership [is] taking responsibility for everything

that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit

for everything that goes well.โ€ - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Delegation: Empower team members to make decisions.

This approach may be tougher for founders who built a company from scratch by micromanaging many aspects of the business.

You have to weigh the tradeoffs. Delegating ownership will facilitate growth and allow you to focus on cutting-edge product and business strategies.

To delegate effectively, emphasize outcomes over process. Ask for regular updates on progress, obstacles, and metrics, but don't take back control.

Autonomy: Share expectations for their role, set measurable objectives, and provide regular feedback.

For every person, connect performance to team and company success.

Finally, emphasize metrics across the board. Openly sharing recurring updates and reports fosters collaboration and accountability.

Development: Just like you, others have motivations to perform well. Allow others to fuel their ambition as it aligns with your goals.

Allow employees to enhance their skills and knowledge related to their work e.g. training, networking, and mentorship.

Acknowledge employees who demonstrate responsibility to reinforce desired activities. This appreciation should be done both privately and publicly.

Self-Awareness: Some founders expect perfection and are tough on themselves while ignoring accomplishments.

While this approach may work for you, most people require more recognition and leeway. Gauge how and when to provide negative feedback.

It's crucial to be candid, but candor without compassion can come across as vicious and will not encourage greater responsibility.

Inspiring responsibility in others requires effort and commitment. However, it leads to a significantly positive impact for both yourself and others.


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